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Image by Tom Morel

A $trippers Diary...

Welcome to my Diary, where I share all of my showgirl adventures!

This podcast/channel is about all things $tripper, glitter, burlesque, circus and more.

Creating a cozy living room conversation, advocating about sex work and ADHD, talking about mental/physical/sexual health, dancing, my journey, burly DIYs, $tripper 101s, neurodiversity, being queer and more while traveling through the world and teaching self care, love and compassion along the way, while keeping it real<3

I regularly invite inspiring guests to the show like Minx Nocturne, Sam the Witch, Maroona, Melzie Willis, Klamydia von Karma and more who share a bit about their amazing life with us!

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Image by Tom Morel

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I am beyond grateful for your support and love, thank you so much for leaving a good review on my channels, sharing my posts and booking me for your events<3 Have a wonderful day, spread glitter and kindness, stay fierce and fabulous!

xoxo, Jana<3

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