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Image by Tom Morel

Meet the artist


Celia Fässler

Jana ist einfach nur grossartig in jeglicher Hinsicht. Egal ob als Tanzlehrerin, Model oder Showact.

Ich durfte bereits mehrere Workshops von Jana besuchen und ich habe mich immer ultra wohl gefühlt. Jana geht auf alle Teilnehmenden ein und sorgt für die absolut beste Stimmung. Sie ist immer gut gelaunt und motiviert und inspiriert so alle Anwesenden. Empowerment ist ebenfalls gross geschrieben bei Jana und das kann ich vollumfänglich bestätigen.

Auch konnte ich bereits bei mehreren Shows von Jana dabei sein. Sie ist super professionelles Showgirl, immer bereit etwas Neues zu lernen und damit einen unvergesslichen Act zu präsentieren. Egal ob es dabei um Pole, Feuershows oder Aerial Acts geht.

Bei Fotoshooting ist Jana ebenfalls immer on point, super angenehm und unkompliziert und mit ihr hat man immer ein Top-Ergebnis im Kasten. Es gibt also keinen einzigen Grund, um Jana nicht zu buchen ;)

Thanks for being you und mach witer so <3

Image by Tom Morel

Nice to meet ya!

Hey there stranger :)

I'm Jana (she/her), a passionate travelling showgirl and instructor living in Switzerland.

I started dancing professionally in 2019, and ever since been on stages throughout Switzerland and internationally!

Fitting to my Roma heritage, I am a "one woman circus!".

From pole to fire performances, I'm one of the most versatile people you'll come across (prolly due to my ever changing hobbies and ADHD).

I started my dancing journey as a gogo dancer in 2019 and have ever since picked up more and more skills along the way!

I started teaching my friends in October 2022 and got a place in a studio in April 2023 to professionally start teaching!

My mission is it to help my students feel confident, strong and happy in their body.

Teaching self love and empowerment while learning new sensual and badass moves! There is nothing greater than seeing my beautiful flowers bloom<3

All of these things started out as a hobby, and in 2023 I was finally confident enough: What if I could make it? What if it DOES work out?

Back in the day my boss from the pathology lab just looked at me and said:

I know you wanna do this, this is your calling! You can always come back<3

So I quit my job, was a bit lost, everything was chaotic but I slowly found my place, one high heel step at a time<3

It's still a journey and I am ready for all the amazing challenges coming up!

So that is basically how my journey started and I am beyond grateful for everyone supporting and joining me on my adventure!

I started a podcast in 2024 to advocate for $trippers and generally sex work, being queer and neurodiverse, inspire others, talk about issues and things I'm passionate about and of course the real life of a fulltime showgirl! :)

Spotify + Youtube: A $tripper's Diary!

If you're having any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via the "Booking" page, Email or DM me on Instagram.

I myself am a teacher but also forever a student<3

Constantly taking new workshops to bring my knowledge to the next level, and elevate my own style, new tricks, new moves, new confidence and of course passing this down to my own students.

In April 2024 I've got my official teacher certificate by XPERT Pole Fitness<3

Now, who am I?

Hell on heels & one woman circus!

The crazier the show, the more fun I have!<3

Also a bisexual ADHD fairy, with a passion for everything nerdy and exciting, who has a pet spider called Captain Morgana as a room mate.

I love tinkering and I always loved make up and sewing costumes!

It helps a lot to be into DIYs, I make a lot of my costumes and props myself<3

I started off as a psychiatry nurse and was a firefighter back in the days. Studying biomedical sciences with a higher diploma in 2016 and ended up working 3 years in pathology before I started being a fulltime dancer in 2023.

My favourite things to do besides dancing are gaming, a lot of nerdy stuff, seeing friends and fam, going to festivals, diving and more!

I remember people calling me crazy when I was talking about being an independent dancer...

Now I'm here telling you, that dreams do come true if you work smart/hard, and have a little (a lot actually) luck and fairy dust by your side :)

I believe in you, you got this babe<3

Sending love, and looking forward to hear from you!

Spread glitter and kindness.

Stay fierce and fabulous.

And see you at the next show, workshop or episode!

xoxo Jana<3

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